Web Positioning in Google: SEO

Get your website to appear in the first search results when users type keywords related to your business sector or niche.

Advantages and benefits of SEO

When the website of a company appears in the first results of Google, it can be viewed and visited by thousands of people interested in acquiring the services or products that the company sells. The increase of visits by potential customers will mean an increase in the profitability of your business.

Free traffic: you do not pay Google for each click.

Increase visibility: more traffic directed to your website.

Long term: the benefits obtained are long lasting.

What is the SEO service?

We investigate keywords

The most used search terms by your potential customers are identified to find your company. A selection of key words and phrases to be positioned is carried out.

We define the target audience

We focus on identifying the people most likely to interact with your brand and find value in your content, we provide the experience you are looking for.

We analyze your page

This study is done both from the point of view of the internal structure of the website, as well as the incoming links and positioning with respect to terms relevant to your business.

We study the competence of your company

We develop an analysis of your main competitors and analyze the relative position of your page against other websites with similar objectives.

Execution of the Strategy

Optimization internally

  • Structure of the internal site.
  • Content optimized for SEO.
  • Speed loading.
  • Google tools.

Optimization externally

  • Link building.
  • Social profiles
  • Business directory.
  • Corporate blogs

Free SEO Audit

Do you have problems appearing in the first places of the search engines, and you do not know exactly why?

Involto Agencia, a leader in search engine optimization, can perform an SEO audit and create a solid strategy to maximize your online visibility. Our SEO audit process includes:

A complete analysis of their strengths and weaknesses against their competitors.

We determine an effective SEO strategy and make recommendations on how to achieve the desired results.

We identify the factors on the website and outside of it that affect your digital ranking.

Where do Google users click?

40% of people click on the first search result displayed by Google. The first 5 results in Google concentrate 70% of clicks by Internet users.

If your site appears on the first page of Google results, it has at least a 10% chance of being found. But if it appears on the second page, its odds go down to less than 1%.

In what position of the search result do you want to appear?