Landing Page

They are generally created to promote a specific service or product, and to which a person arrives after clicking on a link, a type of banner or an ad located on another website. Most times they are an extension of the promotion announcement, where the offer of the product or service that is being promoted is explained in more detail.

Characteristics of Landing Page


Use bold and large typefaces for the title of the Landing Page to draw attention to users.


Use the “selling image” to evoke positive feelings in the mind of the web user. The image must be related to the message to be communicated.


Los formularios deben llevar pocos campos de registro, de esta manera aumenta la posibilidad de que el usuario se registre más fácilmente.


This button is for customers to take an action whether it is buying, going to a site or paying something. The color, size and location are very important.


People who visit Landing Pages do not read the very dense text so the benefits should summarize all the most relevant.


En esta parte se pueden poner los botones de acceso a redes sociales para que sigan tu página o le den like.

The most common features in the design of a good landing page are: very attractive high resolution images and the inclusion of all the information about the product or service that is offered. Also, they must have a contact form or a form to capture the subscribers’ emails.

A successful landing page is one that transmits information of interest to its recipients and manages to capture their attention, which creates a beneficial impact for your company, since the main objective is to convince the user to become a real customer. All this has to be offered on the same page without having to navigate in other sections to capture and guide clients towards their goal.